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Why Do People Drink Alcohol?

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It seems to be a question we are for some reason not asking ourselves but why do we drink alcohol? 

The answer in its simplest terms is for the effect. However the effect can be different for different people. Many claim to drink to reduce stress, for fun and some even for pain relief but surely there are better ways to satisfy these requirements. 

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There seems to be some method in our madness but can we be sure what that is? Alcohol is a known poison and yet we willing consume it, some everyday! So why do people drink alcohol? A possible answer is because it is there to have, if it wasn't then obviously we wouldn't have it. With so many opportunities to have alcohol it clearly increases the chanced of having it. Notice in one day just how many signals you receive whether that be passing a pub, seeing alcohol on display in a store or a friend tempting you with this but ask your self this question, instead of someone saying to you shall we go for a drink if they said instead would you like to consume some poison with me, would you be so keen?

I think this is part of the reason it is so tempting. Drinking fluids is essential for human survival so if someone asks you if you fancy a drink a natural response would be to say yes. However if someone, as mentioned before said would you like some poison what would your answer be?

The alcohol industry is expected to reach $1594 billion worldwide so it is big money and it in the interest of the sellers to keep you buying it. So ask again the question why do people drink alcohol? Is it to line the pockets of people who are already wealthy at the demise of your health, is that why you we doing it?

It seems to be just something we think we all do but in fact this is not true. Many people do not drink and clearly are healthier for it and yet it seems sometimes they can be looked down upon. I think to say no takes strength and this is what is lacking. 

5 Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Get Healthier - Very soon you will feel the benefits of not drinking alcohol and this does not mean you cannot go out and enjoy yourself just consider a substitute like lime and soda instead, you will be surprised how much you will enjoy your evening!

Avoid serious conditions - High blood pressure and kidney disease are just two examples of serious health issues that can result it consuming alcohol over time.

Money - The savings which can be had for many is significant. Also because you are more productive you are more likely to earn more too!

No more hangovers - How many times have you said I never drinking alcohol again after waking up with the worst headache ever. May be worth remembering that the next time you pay to make yourself ill.

Look better - The poisons in alcohol accelerate the aging process so again ask yourself the question, why do people drink alcohol?

Interestingly there does not seem to be a single good reason I can think of to drink alcohol which again begs the question why do people drink alcohol and the answer is because we have put a value on drinking alcohol. I believe this is because we associate drinking alcohol with goods times however this is only because when we have gone on a night out, for example, we have had alcohol. If we had of had a non-alcoholic drink instead we would instead of associated that drink with that particular good time.

So What Needs To Be Done

What needs to happen is pick a non-alcoholic drink you enjoy, there are many to choose from, tea, coffee, lemonade, orange juice, non alcoholic cocktails, smoothies to name a few and go out and do things you enjoy but with this new drink of choice. What you will soon start to do is associate this non-alcoholic drink with goods times and you will even find you enjoy them more! You will also start to identify when seeing others drinking alcohol, the effects it has and start to take a dislike to it and find yourself recommending a tea total approach to others. Also you will be more enjoyable to go out with, no-one likes having to go home early just because a friend has drunk too much or witness someone being ill in the street.

Change Your Habits

Identify when you are most likely to want to drink alcohol and in advance give yourself a reward as an alternative. After a short time the habit is changed and your thinking will improve.

Now, of course, it does have to be your decision but do consider this, was it your decision to drink in the first place? Pair pressure is said to be a reason many start in the first place and also people are afraid to stop. People worry about what people will think if they do not drink alcohol. A famous comedian once explained he decided to stop drinking alcohol and was amazed that when he told his friends he didn't drink alcohol anymore he had responses such as 'why what is wrong'. He had to explain there was nothing wrong he had just made a decision to stop drinking.

Drinking alcohol has destroyed many lives and damaged the lives of people close to them and yet we still are doing it. So for the final time I am going to ask the question why do people drink alcohol when it is clear it can cause so much distress.