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Egg & Bacon Salad


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4 rations bacon
Lettuce/salad leaves
Cherry Tomatoes
2tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1tbsp red wine vinegar
(optional) 2 tsp mustard

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  1. Add 4 eggs to a pan of boiling water, cook for 6 minutes, drain and cool. Peel and cut the eggs in half.

  2. Grill bacon rations until crispy

  3. Chop lettuce/salad leaves into thin shreds. Place the lettuce in a large bowl with the cherry tomatoes and the cooked bacon.

  4. Make a dressing by whisking together 2tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 1tbsp red wine vinegar and (optional) 2 tsp mustard. Toss the salad with the dressing and top with the halved eggs.

  5. Decorate on plate and serve.