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Butternut squash and spinach bake


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1 whole butternut squash
Vine Tomatoes
Pumpkin Seeds

Olive Oil
250g Ricotta
Grated Hard Goat cheese

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Preheat oven to 200ºC

De-seed and peel butternut squash and cut into chunks

Place the butternut squash in a large roasting tin drizzle with oil and roast in oven for approx 10-12 mins until butternut squash is tender.

Remove roasting tin from oven, place pumpkin chunks into oven proof dish, layer with slices of vine tomatoes topped with a handful of spinach. Repeat the layers of butternut squash, tomatoes and spinach and top with ricotta cheese. Sprinkle the oregano with the pumpkin seeds and lightly grate on hard goats cheese.

Place in the oven on 180ºC for approximately 30-35 minutes.

Serve with either freshly steamed vegetables or salad.