In today's society everything is urgent. Also we are planning to fund for the future. An example of this is pension or retirement.

Whereas should it not be we get what we need?

Well probably but with the fear of being made redundant or a provider not providing we tend to collect our nuts for the winter. The problem is we are never happy with how many nuts we have and therefore never stop.

With today's computer technologies we should be able to be more flexible with our work play decision making however it seems only relatively few are capable of that. There seems to be many methods availble online but how many of us are actually taking advantage of it.

Busy lifestyle effects health

It seems to me wealth effects health for 2 reason

1. We need enough more to be able to live to our full potential.

2. We often earn more money than we actually need.

If we can understand these two issues maybe we can change to living a more settled fulfilled life.

Article via VidSell