Testimonials of the Hay Diet

Below are a selection of comments made by people who have followed the Hay Diet

  • "I was 18 stone and unable to walk for more than 5 minutes so unable to exercise, with support I followed the Hay Diet and am now only 10.5 stone" Dave Aged 58

  • "I suffered with heartburn and acid reflux, after only a short time of changing my diet and combining correct foods as instructed my symptons completely ceased" Mark Aged 28

  • "I had been getting bad spots on my face for months and the Hay Diet was recommended to me, my spots went in 3 weeks and I also have more energy" Emma Aged 19

  • "Tried various diets with little success and have found the Hay Diet to be truely refreshing and realistic" Julie Aged 38

Food combining in the Media

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