• It seems to be a question people are asking, does the Help Diet help safeguard us against corona viruses?  This can currently only be a matter of opinion as evidence is not available to support however in my opinion the answer is yes.

  • It seems to be a question we are for some reason not asking ourselves but why do we drink alcohol?  The answer in its simplest terms is for the effect. However the effect can be different for different people. Many claim to drink to reduce stress, for fun and some even for pain relief but surely there are better ways to satisfy these requirements. 

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  • IngredientsLemon Olive Oil Cod Fillets Chilli Powder 1/2 Onion Red and white cabbage Suede Butter MilkServes 2

  • Ingredients2 Jacket Potatoes 100g White cabbage 100g Red cabbage 2 carrots 1 tin baked beansDressing2 tbsp honey 1 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp balsamic vinegarServes 2

  • Ingredients2 x Salmon Fillets Knob of butter 1 Red Pepper 1 Courgette  1 Carrot 1/2 Onion Handful of parsleyIngredients for the sauceHandful of walnuts 3 garlic cloves 3 tbsp honey Olive Oil

  • IngredientsHalf a butternut squash Brocolli Carrots Curry Paste Paprika Olive Oil Coconut Milk 2 Tomatoes 1 tbsp honey

  • Ingredients 3 Leeks200g brown mushrooms2 peeled garlic clovesOreganoOlive OilDry chillis300g cream cheese275g tagliatelle

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Have health concerns? Want help to lose weight? The Hay Diet can help!

The Hay Diet has been around for a long time and is well known for improving the lifestyle of individuals who follow the Hay Diet's food combining rules. Its success is due to the fact you do not have to stop eating the foods you enjoy, instead change when it is you are eating them. The Hay Diet has also been very successful for individuals who due to illness struggle to exercise. People have regularly reported that they eat more on the Hay Diet than previously and are still losing weight as well as improving their health!

The Hay Diet is not all about weight loss! There have been countless reports of illnesses that have been either improved or eradicated by correct food combining such as allergies, arthritis, diabetes and irritable bowel to mention a few. Our intention for this website is to provide support and to make it as easy as possible for visitors to understand the way the Hay Diet works and how it can improve lives. We sincerely hope the Hay Diet can become a part of your life as it has ours. 

"Doing the Hay Diet ... I lost a stone, without even exercising." Jane Torvill (Olympic Gold Medal Winning Ice Skater)